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1. Writing Free Articles

If you are selling a product or service, writing about your niche and business experience can bring traffic to your site, as well as credibility. Web site owners and marketers are clamoring for new and unique copy for their own web sites.

The more successful web sites are ever changing and updating their content. Keeping a web site new and fresh can become a large task all by itself; this is why other site owners will gladly publish your article. Make sure that they give you credit and a link to your web site. This is a common practice on reputable sites.You can also do a search for web sites that collect and distribute articles through e-mail membership lists.

2. Banner / Link Exchanging

Just like in the regular business world, there are strategic alliances forming online. One method for online alliances is exchanging links. However, use caution always thoroughly; examine the content of the web sites you are linking. Make sure they are professional in design as well as content. Remember you are associating with these sites by linking up.

There are many ways to link to another site. First, a banner, which is a wide ribbon like advertisement with your business name or logo. These banners can also be animated advertising. They give twice the information by flashing a dual message. Another way to link can be simple text that appears in a highlighted color bringing people to your site with a click of the mouse.

3. Free Offers

The word free is just as effective in advertising online as it is offline. By sponsoring a freebie, a simple name submission drawing can also get your name out there. What you want to do is attach a special meta tag to your freebie page. This will bring up your site in a search engine request for free things, depending on how aggressively you market your site. Be careful and realistic about offering a huge number of free things. A businessperson recently offered free votive candle samples. One of the huge free e-zines listed this on their e-zine and the requests will cost $4,000 in product, labor, and shipping. Offering free helpful information or free offers with purchase may be a more cost-effective viable option.

4. Sponsor a Contest

People love to win ANYTHING! Offer your product or service as a prize. You can entered contests on a business site and win all kinds of things. When a winner is selected, their name web address and a link to the site can be published. Adding a reciprocal link is a professional way to say thank you and is of no cost to you. Once you establish your abilities through quality sites on the web, you may discover some of your own hidden talents!

5. Answer Bulletin Board Questions

Most bulletin boards are interactive and can contain valuable information on all topics. When you respond to a question from a bulletin board, you are demonstrating your abilities or knowledge on that topic. When you type your name at the bottom, you should also include your web site address or a direct link to your site. If your responses are perceptive and informative, you can peak a reader's interest, hopefully turning that free form of advertising into a sale or new client.

6. Join E-mail Lists

There are e-mail lists for everything under the sun. You can pick a subject and view a small blurb describing the topics of discussion. A list owner acts as the moderator for the e-mail discussions. There are strict policies prohibiting blatant advertising or selling of your own products or services. You can interactively answer other people's questions and provide your name, web site, and tag lines at the bottom of your reply. Keep your signature lines to six lines or less, it is professional and courteous.

Another benefit to joining a list is that you will gain knowledge from other people. Strategic alliances can form through active e-mail list participants. Referrals can also evolve over time through exchanging professional e-mails. This is what I view as a silent business world. This can put a new twist on networking, if you do your research.

7. Weekly E-Zine Publishing

E-zines are the online equivalent to a newsletter. If done correctly they bring you new and repeat business. To generate a subscription, you just need a visible spot on your site where people can type in their e-mail addresses. Once you have compiled a database of subscribers, you can begin marketing your e-zine.

Always pay attention to the rules of NO SPAM when writing your newsletters. In order to prevent people from falsely accusing you of spamming you should state "this is not spam" at the beginning of every newsletter. If you can develop a large base of subscribers, you can then sell ads on your e-zine. Now you are advertising for free and other web site owners are paying for ads on your e-zine.

8. Press Releases

Newspapers, magazines, and niche market publications are always looking for interesting and well-written stories. Put a twist on your press release to draw attention to yourself. If you are announcing the opening of say an animal shelter; you can catch an editor's eye. Give it a title like, "Man takes the bite out of dog!" It sounds silly but it plays on the basics of good journalism on two levels. It let's the reader know that the story involves animals and it parallels the old "man bites dog" concept.

Press releases should be written for several reasons. Announce your business opening, a new service, product, or a new client. The press release should contain all of the who, what, where, why, and how information about the news you want the public to know. Whether you are big or small business, press releases are a fantastic way to build media relationships, keep your name in the minds of the public, and keep your target market up to date on your activities.

Getting the name of the correct contact person is key. You can imagine how easily one piece of paper can be buried on top of an editor's desk. Or piled with a heap of faxes on the floor. Send that release through the proper channels and ALWAYS follow up on its arrival. Checking in on the receipt of your press release may just be the difference between being published and being buried. After your release has been published, send a handwritten thank you note to your contact.

Faxing and US mail are the best ways to send your release. E-mailing press releases are not as effective. Although we are heading towards a paperless society, there seems to be more of a sense of urgency over a tangible press release. A publication may actually find e-mailed press releases rude or classify them as junk mail. Make sure you know the publications preferred method before sending your release.

9. Host a Chat

A chat room is not necessarily a bad thing. A chat room is merely a screen that has a small box containing the names of the people in that room. Never give out your full name and address, or telephone number in a chat. This is common sense that you should be practicing in your daily life to protect your privacy.

A business chat usually has a host that acts as the moderator welcoming you into their chat. Hosting a chat can demonstrate your talents while exposing you to people all over the world. People can come to a chat for a variety of reasons. You may be looking for help on a particular subject that can be resolved by asking a chat host for their advice. A chat can also open your mind to alternative solutions by a group of individuals offering personal opinions.

Chats can also be a cost-effective form of communication for a business. You can attach a chat room to your web site as a meeting room for potential clients. A chat can be public for anyone to enter or you can require a password for entry.

10. Web Site Testimonials

Build trust or confidence in your online business by using testimonials. A direct quote with the permission of the customer is a nice touch.

Listing a name and e-mail address is, it acts as a reference that is easy and quick. Keep the testimonials to one or two sentences and keep it simple. If you are selling handmade sweaters, play on words like quality and low maintenance. If you are in the marketing business, mentioning words like increased sales and expressions of relief in a competitive field will shine favorably.







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