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What is an Advertising Manager?

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An Advertising Manager manages the company's advertising strategy's from business, sales and technical perspective. It is the Advertising Managers responsibility to initiate and manage sales with the proper sponsors and agencies. Advertising managers spend their time negotiating with outside sales representatives managing the development of sales materials such as media kits. Advertising managers are also responsible for advertising sales representatives.

The following list of occupational tasks is specific to this career.

  • Coordinate the activities of and supervise advertising staff.
  • Represent their firm when contracting with advertising agencies.
  • Oversee in-house account services, creative services, and media services departments.
  • Plan and execute advertising campaigns for the organization.
  • Confer with coworkers to discuss topics such as contracts and selection of advertising media.
  • Assess advertising needs.
  • Maintain client accounts. Develop plans to conduct business with established clients.
  • Direct activities of staff who develop and produce ads. Oversee copy chief and art director.
  • Inspect and approve advertising displays, copy, scripts, and audio or videotapes.
  • Oversee planning groups that select communication media, such as radio, TV, newspapers, and the Internet.
  • Consult publications and other media. Keep records of prospective advertisers.
  • Read trade journals to stay informed of trends and changes in advertising and media.
  • People in this career perform the following list of tasks, but the tasks are common to many occupations.
  • Communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates.
  • Convince others to buy goods or change their minds or actions.
  • Communicate with people from outside the organization.
  • Make decisions and solve problems.
  • Develop goals and strategies.
  • Organize, plan, and prioritize work.
  • Establish and maintain relationships.
  • Coordinate the work and activities of others.
  • Get information needed to do the job.
  • Develop and build teams.
  • Guide, direct, and motivate subordinates.
  • Provide advice and consultation to others
  • Explain the meaning of information to others.
  • Analyze data or information.
  • Think creatively.
  • Schedule work and activities.
  • Carry out ideas, programs, systems, or products.
  • Identify objects, actions, and events.
  • Document and record information.
  • Perform administrative tasks.

The average salary for an Advertising Manager is $71,892, but it has been reported that over 50% of advertising managers earn between $59,725 to $87,010.

To become an Advertising Manager you would need a Bachelors degree and 2 to 4 years of field experience.







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